Why hire a writer?

Good writing is good for business

Good writing is powerful. Good writing:

  • makes you look credible and professional
  • commands respect and attention
  • delivers a clear compelling message bringing you the results you need

Bad writing is a deal breaker. It wastes time, blurs your message, tarnishes your brand and loses your audience.

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A professional writer saves you time and money

A skilled professional writer can make your written materials shine – whether in print or online. And save you time, frustration and money.

Precision of language is critical. Consider the single famously “misplaced” comma in a Rogers Communications Inc. contract that came close to costing the company $2.13 million and took an 18 month costly legal battle and 69 page affidavit about grammar to settle.

Eight ways a professional writer delivers a competitive edge

An expert writer:

  • Thinks strategically about your business and how to best help you move forward
  • Brings a fresh perspective, discovering angles you may not have considered
  • Asks the right questions to get to the heart of your story and frames it to inform, persuade and inspire your target market
  • Helps you formulate and organize your ideas, translating your message into jargon-free engaging copy that drives decisions and attracts the clients you want
  • Relieves you of a task that is difficult and time-consuming, freeing you to concentrate on what you do best – which is focus on your business
  • Uses clear and concise language to ensure complex concepts are easy to understand.
  • Strikes just the right tone, adjusting the style and context for your particular audience
  • Establishes consistency throughout all your written materials making sure that every piece has impact, stays on message, and reinforces your brand

An experienced writer “gets it”

As a former print and television journalist working world wide I’ve spent over 25 years honing the craft of creative storytelling. I know how to write for the eye (print) and the ear (television and video scripts), as well as the web. Each requires a different style.

I’ve researched and written about countless topics for newspapers, magazines, television and businesses large and small. And I’ve learned a lot about the world along the way. Global cross-cultural understanding informs the perspective I bring to your business writing needs.

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Check out examples from my writing portfolio by clicking on the link below. Each example is preceded by some “insider tips” on what you need to know to get the best from different genres of writing. Click on the arrow on the grey bar for each genre of writing to get started.

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