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Reach millions hosting your own promotional video

You have great ideas for your business and you’re probably its best spokesperson. You have the expertise and you know your company’s strengths inside out.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about producing your own video because you know it’s the best way to make a personal connection with your customers, enabling them to see you in action, describing what you offer.

You also know that an engaging video is a great shortcut to let people get to know, like and trust you. What’s more, video has the power to reach millions 24/7 – on TV, on YouTube or on your website.

DIY pitfalls that tarnish your brand

But you’ve seen the downside too: the deer in the headlights look; distracting backgrounds; the nervous eyes; murky lighting; wobbly camera; tinny sound; mumbled words; stilted delivery; confusing content; even shouting; and to top it all off, grating music that drowns out the message. Cheesy, right? Awkward. And downright annoying.

Unless you’re a budding child rock star who has gone viral, DIY videos are risky and can actually harm your brand.

Getting the most from the tricks of the trade

Imagine being on camera, coming across with confidence, clarity and a winning manner. It’s easier than you might think once you’re armed with a few tricks of the trade.

I’ve been a network TV broadcaster for many years and have learned a few things along the way. I know how to create a comfort level to help people who have never spoken on camera, look and feel at ease and connect with viewers.

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Presenting like a pro

It can be a challenge to engage with the unblinking lens of a camera in a natural way – and appear like you’re conversing with your best customer.

Helping people unlock their “star” potential is what I love to do. It’s an indispensable aspect of the marketing, educational and training videos, as well as TV programs that I produce.

I’ve interviewed entrepreneurs, artists, professionals, achievers, celebrities, heroes and villains, the famous and the infamous and lots of just plain folks. I know how to get to the heart of your story and help you tell it well. Stories deliver an emotional impact. They bring people together. They build brands.

Ready – Camera – Action

If you’re ready to impress customers, expand your market and wow friends too, let’s work together to ramp up your star power with a video that showcases the best of what you offer, targeted to your specific audience.

Bonus: if you have a bit of an accent or maybe speak too quickly or too slowly, I can help you polish your presentation.

You just might discover that your own professional video is the right medium for your message and your audience. Like these clients did.

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